Friday, 13 November 2009

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Gustav Johansson

I came across some work created by Art Director and Director Gustav Johansson, this is a great example of how to present your work as a designer. During my tutorial on tuesday I was told to think about how to present my work for the D&AD BBC brief that I am currently working on. I showed my visualizations to Martin and Phil during this tutorial and the main concern I felt that was mentioned was how it could be presented as a final solution. Rather than simply having square boxes of a website with pieces of type dotted off explaining each page. I feel that this way of communicating shown by Johansson would work well for the final presentation of my idea. Note as Phil stated in my tutorial D&AD briefs should be a really good idea, really well executed.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Explaining skype visually

After developing many ideas that I have thought of for the D&AD brief that I am currently working on I have decided to work on one idea which I feel is solid enough to enter the D&AD awards. My idea is to allow users to watch BBC content at the same time, for example if one user lived in Scotland and the other lived in England, and they both happened to want to watch TV together but are not able to because of the distance between them. My product will allow users to interact with each other and watch BBC content together. Its similar to Skype except that Skype only allows users to see each other, where as my product is designed so that users will feel as though the are sitting next to one another by creating a product places the users into a virtual room.

The video above is a great example of how Skype works, it clearly explains what the product does and how it works. And I feel is another strong way of presenting an idea across to the viewer.

iPhone 3G from Gadgets Malta on Vimeo.

After my tutorial for my D&AD BBC brief with Martin and Phil I have been thinking of different ways to present my final idea. As having square images of a website is not the best way to present an idea. The first image that popped into my head was the Apple i phone advert, this is a perfect example of a great way of presenting an idea, its clear simple and communicates to the viewer exactly how to use the product.

Monday, 26 October 2009

Over the weekend I have been looking through the D&AD, ISTD and RSA briefs. I have narrowed it down to three briefs which turned out to be all D&AD briefs. The first brief involves creating a social and sharing aspect to BBC i Player allowing users to discover and engage with a greater range of BBC content. The second brief is to create an original and underground viral drive to a diverse and creative audience to the Fred Perry Subculture music website. The third brief is to create an unconventional brand campaign for The Body Shop to reinstate its position as the original pioneer of ethical beauty.

The main brief that stands out for me is the Body Shop brief, this is because branding is the field of study that I am interested in and wish to develop my skills in over this coming year. I also hope to retain a job within this area after my education at the Arts University College Bournemouth.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

For the second weeks project we were asked to form a group and write our own brief. We were given a template which we were entitled to fill in with the problems that we found within the environments that we visited along with a solution to the problem. After a few days of getting out into the environment and going into environments that I would not normally go to we thought of a variety of problems within these environments. We spent a day as a group narrowing down the problems that we found as we felt that they were to broad. After a lot of thinking we decided on a brief that we felt was our strongest one to work with this was .... to design a service/system to help residents in a nursing home by designing an environment to encourage a sense of freedom.

After visiting a few nursing homes/residential homes we picked up on a few problems. I noticed that the residents found it hard to listen to the TV, I picked up on this straight away, and when I was talking to one of the residents we spoke about this problem and they went on to mention that some people don't want to watch the same program as everyone else. I came up with a solution almost as soon as we left the home this was to design a system were by each resident has a small TV attached to thier chair so they can choose what they want to watch, they would also be provided with a pair of headphones. The set up would be similar to the type of system one would find n an Airplane.

As a group we did not decided to design this solution as we found another problem within the home which we felt was more apparent. This occurred when we were talking to a resident called Albert. He mentioned that he misses doing the hobbies that he once left behind when entering the home. Above is our final solution to this problem, we decided to create a system were by the resident is allowed to leave the nursing home and go to a place were by they are able to still take part in the hobbies that they enjoy. Our system was designed so that each resident was given a card which stored all their information on it, they could then use this card to log in when they arrive at the destination were they take part in the activities. Also we thought if the resident loses the card there could be a system were by the resident scans there fingerprint and they will be logged in. We also thought about the staff of the home, so we created a website which would allow the staff to check were the residents are. Above features our final solution to the problem, which we presented in a pin up crit. I felt that the crit wet well as we received positive feedback, I also felt that our group worked really well together and we found answered the brief really well.

Friday, 23 October 2009

Today I had my second tutorial with Roger, this was mainly focused on our blogs and websites. I felt that this was very useful as we all got feedback on our blogs and websites, on how to improve them. Below is a list of what I personal was told to consider when writing a blog and designing a website.

  • Correct spelling
  • Readability
  • Legibility
  • Keep it updated (constantly)
  • Inspiration, progress, ideas
  • Documentation
  • Spelling/grammar
  • Who I want to visit my site
  • Navigation must be simple
  • CV